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A brief introduction of wall stickers

Wall sticker is a PVC material product. It is the most popular partial decoration in the world now after the Household Exposition in Paris. It is a given pattern and design which you can use your imagination and your own way to stick it on anywhere as you like. It is the best ornament in interior and it only takes you several minutes to refresh your home. Moreover, these stickers are removable and self-adhesive, and you can try this new wall stickers collection. If you want to change another sticker, you just need go ahead, peel it off and stick another one. There will be no residue left behind. It makes decorating easy, makes life relax and change the interior decoration in a quite short time.

And There is a large quantity in variety on our website. You can find almost any kind of wall decals here. There are cartoon, animals, plants and flowers. And there are famous characters, buildings and lettering stickers. They can be applied in different rooms according to different theme. We also can customize the special wall decals according to your requirements.

Wall decal is a kind of wall art since it shows your idea, personality and tastes there. It is silent words in your home.

Pinks Tree with Flowers Around
SIZE: 59*46inches/150*118cm This beautiful flowering tree wall decal is here with a dark bro..
£49.0 £39.0
Human Evolution Figure Art Decal
Size: Approx. 110*65cm/43"*26" This is a wall decal about human evolution. You can apply it in yo..
All about London Wall Sticker
Size: 85*70cm/33"*28" Have you ever been to London? This sticker is the symbol of Londo..
£69.0 £39.0
Coffee-Colored Tree with Photo Frames
Tree Size: 100*70inches / 250*180cm With the Photo Tree Wall Decal, you can enjoy having a beauti..
£139.0 £86.0
Chalkboard Writing Wall Stickers
Size:45 x 200cm (18IN. X 80IN.) This Brand New Chalkboard Wall Sticker that allows you to list yo..
Walking Zebra Animal Sticker
Size: 90*85cm/35"*33" You can apply this wall sticker in any room as you like.  It will b..
Animals And Tree Growth Chart Wall Sticker
Size: 180*185cm/71"*73" You can apply this wall decal in your children's room to measuring thei..
Pandas Eating Bamboo Vinyl Wall Sticker
Size: 90*100cm/35"*39" There are two pandas are eating bamboo. Do you know that pandas are the na..
£49.0 £34.0
House Rules Wall Saying for Living-room
SIZE: 150*60cm/59"*24" Let's do real in our house. This wall decal is one of those produc..
£70.0 £58.0
Read and Learn from Dr. Seuss
SIZE: 23*13 inches/57*33 cm The most that you read, the more things you will know. The more ..
Beauty of Autumn Reed Wall Sticker
Size: 170*110cm/67"*43" Have you found the beauty of autumn? It is harvest I think.  Yo..
Fairy on The Moon Wall Decal
Size: 90*70cm/35"*28" There is a fairy sitting on the Moon. She is playing with the stars.  ..
Photo Frame Tree Wall Art Decal
Size: 47"*67" / 120*170cm You can apply this wall decal in living-room with your family's ..
£69.0 £48.0
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Let's get to know more about Vinyl wall art stickers

In home improvement, we have the possibility in using lovely cartoon sticker, plants and flowers, figure and building decal or colorful wall lettering stickers whatever in living-room, bedroom, dining-room, study or bathroom. Then, what's the advantages in using the wall art sticker? Here I am going to share with you.

1. Convenient to use and easy to install

What's the advantages of the wall art decal? First, it is the easily installment. Wall decal is different from the hand-painted wall since it is simple to handle. That is to say, you just need to choose a favorite design to match with your home in style and stick it on the glass, wall or tile.

Vinyl wall decal is a kind of excellent sticker with the function of non-adhesive gas vent and removable, the simplicity in operation and practicability is even greater. Adhesive gas vent worked the air bubbles out in the process of applying. There is a great development in flatness, in pasting speed and in success frequency. Moreover, some removable decals not only without residue left, but also protect the wall.

2. Lower-cost

Lower cost is another merit of the vinyl art decal. Compared with the traditional hand-painted wall, the decal can reach the high level in aesthetic field and no need to invite the professional group to design. It is a practical and economic way to decorate the wall whatever in the budget of design or the budget of operation.

3. Personalized and atmospheric

Wall vinyl sticker is not inferior to any other wall decoration either in showing personality or artistic field. Many people like the stickers because we do not need spend too much time and energy on it compared with the wall painting or any other way of wall decorating. It well shows the personality and temperament, aesthetic taste and conform to the trend of home decoration.

4. Waterproof and easy to clean.

Waterproof and easy to clean is another advantage of the vinyl wall art stickers. It attracts a lot of decorating talent to install and there is a great function in the late environmental maintenance of home. When you are going to clean the wall space, you are supposed to wipe it with a wet towel since it equipped with PVC waterproof material. Many lazybones in interior decoration like it.

5. Economical and environmental protecting.

Environmental protecting and economy as the economic development trend at the present times, gradually become a lifestyle of people. In the aspect of interior decorating, environmental protecting and economical decoration are valued recently. Usually, the wall sticker smell is less if the class of the environmental protecting is higher. When we separate the sticker with the backing paper, we can smell the rubber surface and those pungent products can not be used in interior since it didn't use the environmentally-sound solvent ionic liquids. If you have already bought this kind of wall art, you are supposed to apply in your house.

6. Other functions

You can install the wall sticker with your family and you will have fun with the DIY project. And it can stimulate the imagination of your child after it applied in the chilren's room. There is a great influence in practicing the ability in making and creating. It modifies the rooms and makes better visual effect. And wall decals also hides the decorating flaw and makes house clean.

All the above are the sharing about the wall sticker. And what is the advantage of it, you must be know already. Of course, any of the interior material are not perfect, the key point are properly choosing and arranging in combined the fitment plan with the decorative style.

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